Plaitford, in case you were wondering, is a village in England (that you’ve never heard of because the population went down 1% when I left)…


‘Plaitford Productions’ of mine have been, thus far:

PP#1- ‘Telephone Pad’ commemorative zine.


March 1999, edition of 100.

This zine was made for an art-show which I curated in San Francisco. All drawings, all skaters; it featured Big Foot, Chris Duncan, Jeremy Fish, Israel Forbes, Richard Hart, Jesse Hotchkiss, Brian Lotti, Lucian Moon and Mat O’Brien. The zine has one drawing by each person.


PP#2- ‘And There I Was…’ zine.



1999, edition of 80. Features drawings.


PP#3- ‘While You Were Out (Soul Asylum)’ zine.



March 2000, edition of 73. Features drawings.


PP#4- ‘Celebrated Summery’ zine.



2002, edition of… oh, 40-ish I think. Features drawings and photo’s.


PP#5- ‘*Asterisk’ T-shirt



Asterisk shirt (not, contrary to one cop, depicting a marijuana leaf) tone-on-tone baby-blue shirt.


PP#6- ’50/9′ zine (see below)

PP#7- ’50/9′ short film (on Super-8mm)

50/9 neg

…Which remains unfinished. But could be, and perhaps will be. Stars Tony Manfre. PP#6 is the zine-of-the-film (you know- a Hollywood tie-in).


PP#8- ‘Everything Went Black -and White’ zine.



May 2004. Says it is an edition of 100, but the photocopies looked so awful when they appeared that I destroyed them all. I then made a ‘first new batch’ of about a dozen and, er.. never made any more.

Features drawings and photo’s; mostly by me, but also some artwork by Simon Evans and some photographs by Dave Schubert.


PP#9- ‘Withnail’ shirt



Emblazened with just one of the myriad immortal lines from the film ‘Withnail & I’…


PP#10- ‘Bodies’ shirt



‘Bodies’ shirt.

(I still have some of each shirt in a box somewhere, in case you’re interested…)


PP#11- ‘Things Which Nag II’ zine.



‘Things Which Nag II’ zine (and poster), edition of 100 I think; 2005. Drawings. Stealthily made in the basement of Kingpin on the in-house photocopier (cheers NN!).


PP#12- ‘Things Which Nag III’ zine



‘Things Which Nag III (Sitar Downer)’ zine with sticker. Drawings.

Made in 2007, ed. of 34.


PP#13- fake 7″ cover

Produced for Sonny Smith’s ‘100 Records’ artshow which, as the name implies, featured 100 record covers for fictional bands made by real artists. In keeping with the theme, I gave mine the catalogue number of PP#13; even though there is only 1 in existence. And I’m not sure where, either..


PP#14- this

WWWell, you’re looking at it..


PP#15- Magenta guest artist board


(Bottom/ Top shown)

This limited-edition board was released late 2014 by Magenta.

“The text on the board is from an album title. There was a record I listened to a lot when I was at school, by Scottish Indie band the Soup Dragons. It’s called ‘This is our Art; Useless, Boring, Impotent, Elitist and Very, Very Beautiful’. I always appreciated the humour in that title and I happened to pull that record out around the time I did the board. It struck me that it was also a pretty good description of skating, at least from the point of view of an outsider- essentially useless, incomprehensible to the point of tedium, without any real power, definitely elitist and ‘cool’. I acknowledge all that, but of course our ‘art’ can also, as we know, be beautiful…”


PP#16- Magenta guest artist T-shirt

(To accompany board release)

Graphic reads ‘Be the King of the Castle’; a reference to one of the songs in the album mentioned above.


PP#17- The Howard House Video ‘A Decade Late’

(9.5 minutes)
The Howard House Video

Shot mid 2003- early 2004; edited 2014. Features skating in San Francisco, Barcelona, Paris, London and New York by many, many people; and a full video part from Erik Ocean Howell.


PP#18- Howard House zine


Assembled and printed in 2014 to coincide with the release of the video, the zine has photos which I shot between 1998- 2004 whilst living at the Howard House in San Francisco. It was a Live/ PP co-production, hand-printed in Paris in an edition of 150 copies.