Rodrigo TX/ Adelmo Jr.


Rodrigo TX/ Adelmo Jr.; double sliders, Prague 2000.

Ah yes, the Euro contest circuit of the late 90’s…

It was around this time and via these contests that the Brazilians started to make an impact on (worldwide) skating- they were certainly a consistent bunch.

Filmer Claravall had just been to Brazil which led to Rodrigo getting on The Firm, and here he was travelling with his then-unknown mates Adelmo and Fabrizio Santos (none of whom spoke any English yet, as I recall).

So here, somewhat surreally, are a couple of young Brazilian lads in the grey, Gothic environs of the Czech Republic in far Eastern Europa. This is pretty much the only skate spot in Prague, but it’s a good ‘un.

Image copyright Richard Hart. Don’t think this one ever got used anywhere..