Mad Circle Am Team


Rob Welsh and Pontus Alv- San Francisco, 1998.

Dear The Internet-
Here is a picture of the Mad Circle Amateur team; Alv and Welsh, circa ’98, at my house on lower Haight in SF where I lived in the closet (literally, not metaphorically) for $100 a month.
I was hanging with Rob a lot at the time, which involved me trying to (learn to) shoot pictures, and him making me his back-up filmer instead, for ‘5 Flavors’.. and I think this was Pontus’ first trip Stateside; he would come over and play Mariokart (“fuckin’ Bowser!”). Ah, youth..
Glad I am still friends with these characters, all these years later.
Cheers, gentlemen!

Previously unpublished, photo copyright Richard Hart.

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