Lance Mountain- F/S at 9, Long Beach, US, 2003


A kickturn seems as good a place to start as any…
My good friend Matt and I were driving up to LA from Orange County to visit Bod and his lady. Passing through the LBC, we spotted these enormous hulking things that were in the process of being destroyed. Obviously pretty epic for a photo, we tried our hardest to persuade Bod to dust off his Rectors; to no avail. Who could and would skate these things?
I was hesitant to call Lance as i didn’t know him that well, and thought he wouldn’t remember me or appreciate bring pestered out of the blue. But, of course, he is a sweet fella and was happy to meet up with us, giant board in tow- “Oh yeah, Salba mentioned those pipes to me” he said, I recall. (At times, with luck, you may find yourself living your childhood fantasies.)
These things were huge and stinky- so huge that they were near-impossible to skate, and so stinky that we all probably shortened our lives by inhaling the mystery gaseous vapours. Oh well.
This was the first picture I shot that year, and the only ‘professional’ one where I had no choice but to commit the classic-rookie-error of having the flashes in shot. A good way to start the year, nonetheless.
Thank you Lance and Matt. Originally published in TWS photo annual.

Image copyright Richard Hart.