Josh Kasper


Josh Kasper, Plymouth 2000.

My name is Richard and I went on an Osiris tour..
Yep, at the height of ‘Yosiris’, I had a seat on the coach for a memorably opulent UK tour, with that memorably odd team. None odder than ‘The Kasper’. (Rule: Always be wary of someone who speaks of themselves in the third-person.)
He was a nice enough chap, really; except that, in that busfull of jostling egos, his reigned supreme. He would set up a new complete every day; always giving the post-benihana-ed one to an adoring Kasperholic (remember that word?).
At one demo, someone suggested he do a trick over a step-up gap, to which he replied, stony-faced: “The Kasper doesn’t go up; The Kasper only goes down”.
Well, quite.

Previously unpublished, images copyright Richard Hart.