Jerry Hsu/ Jon Newport


Jerry Hsu- frontside bluntslide, Barcelona 2003


I finally started reading Genet’s ‘Our Lady of the Flowers’. I forget where I got my copy of the book from- either from a garage sale, or I just found it on the street a few years ago. In any case, I started it last night and came across the receipt inside which the previous owner had used as a bookmark. The date on it was exactly a decade ago- 27 December 2004.

Which seemed pretty apt, since I have finally put out the Howard House Video, ‘A Decade Late’..



Jon Newport and Jerry Hsu at MACBA Barcelona 2003


Here are a couple of pictures from the halcyon summer of 2003, which I spent in Barcelona and whence half of the footage in HHV comes.. I’d like to thank Newport for his amazing behind-the-camera monologue when filming a session at the MACBA big 4, which I only discovered when going through the footage to edit (and excerpts of which are in the video and the trailer); and thanks too to Jerry for just being there..




Jon Newport- b/s t/s, Barcelona 2003


Both of these tricks are in the HHV, all of these photos were previously in Transworld; all of this stuff is copyright Richard Hart.