Howard House zine/DVD


In case you were unaware, I recently put together a little skate video of 10-year-old footage that was intended to be our ‘house video’ when I lived at the somewhat notorious Howard House in SF. I realised I was sitting on an unreleased Ocean Howell video part, and felt I should finally put it together, in the interests of posterity…

You should be able to view it shortly, on t’interweb, but I had some copies made on DVD to accompany a zine of photos from the house and the era. The zines were hand-made in Paris and came out very nicely. So if you want to see a teenage Puleo or a passed-out Ocean having his face drawn on, you may want to get one. There were 150 copies made, of which LiveSkateboardMedia had half, some others are gone, and I had 50 copies with DVDs (now dwindling).

If you want to order one, email me (via here) first- not too many remain. But it should be $22 in US, $28 worldwide for zine and DVD.