Donny Barley


Donny Barley; pop-shove, Berlin 2000.


Half-frame camera portraits, en-route to Germany, 2000.

In the heady days of the Euro-contest-circuit, circa 2000, I tagged along with my filmer friend Anthony and elements of the Element/ New Deal teams, on a spontaneous train trip from the Prague contest to explore Berlin for a few days.

This spot had (and has) everything a modern street-skateboarder could desire. And Barley had (and has) one of the all-time best pop-shove-its in skateboarding.

Cheers Kingman for the invite/floor-space.

Pop-shove previously published as Emerica advert. (And I wish I had one of the 6′ promo displays of this, that I saw in some surf/skate shop in Orange County…)

Half-frame portrait published (I think) in Slap at some point.

Images copyright Richard Hart.