Chris Jones and the Grey Tokyo Daze


Chris Jones, ollie into rugged bank, Tokyo 2014


This picture is featured in the new issue (at time of writing), Vol.2 Issue 8, of Grey magazine from London, in which I have an article ‘Tokyo Daze’.

I actually wasn’t even on the trip with this poppy Welshman, but our respective crews had an overlap in that eternally intriguing and puzzling city; and the first skate photo I ended up shooting was this one. Wait for the the new video from Colin Read to see this full line; it’ll be a good one..

Also featured in the article (I am told; haven’t seen it yet), are Ben Gore and Glen Fox. Not featured is the photo of them, below, with just one of the omnipresent security guards of Tokyo.



Fox/ Gore/ Security, Tokyo 2014


Images copyright Richard Hart.