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Ye Olde Photographs


Randozzi/ Wagner/ Dela Torre/ Fairfax/ Molinar, SF 2008

This is a sight you, sadly, don’t see too much these days. So, in the interests of creating a few more actual, physical photos you can put up on your wall (perhaps properly framed this time), I now have some prints for sale.

See the ‘Shoppe’ page on here and check the pictures on offer- 10 are now up, and include Pastras, Howell, Oyola, Tsocheff, Hsu, Reed, Gerwer, Gore and more..


Gore o’er Valls


Ben Gore- ollie over Leo Valls, San Francisco 2013

Good God; a new picture!

This was shot at the end of filming for the short Magenta video which becameĀ Old Woops, New Grooves. This was the last trick in the video, but we shot this version a bit later; the day before Leo left town. ‘Nuff respect to Ben, who had to ollie over a moving (and vulnerable) object, and avoid me at the same time. It was very difficult to choreograph, but this was a fun one..

Previously published in 43 magazine. Image copyright Richard Hart.


Soy Panday


Soy Panday- ollie, San Francisco 2003

I did an interview for Soy and Vivien’s company Magenta Skateboards which you can read by clicking thusly:

Richard Hart Magenta Interview..

This may look like a young Morrissey, but Soy has better form with his ollies. And below we see Soy enjoying another of his passions; smoking (no, not raving).


Zach Chamberlin and Soy Panday, Bordeaux 2014

Ollie previously published in Kingpin. Images copyright Richard Hart.