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Jeff Reeves


Jeff Reeves- B/S D, Howard House ramp, SF 2003.

A few months ago, I put together a little video (which should be viewable shortly, on t’interweb). It was footage that I (and others) shot in 2003/4 on a camcorder which I carried around in my camera-bag for a while- the intention was to make a ‘house skate video’ featuring the occupants of our slum-like abode in SF, the Howard House, and our many friends. Unfortunately, the house disbanded shortly thereafter, and it was only after some recent friendly persuasion that I started to revisit the footage and realised I had a full, unseen Ocean Howell part. And so I put the video together as best I could, in the interests of posterity!

It was only during editing that I kept thinking of all the people who should have been in the video, but whom I just hadn’t got around to filming yet. Case in point is ex-New Deal am, Jeff Reeves, who lived next door and could make our ridiculously tight mini-ramp look easy to skate. So here, as some sort of apology for all the many friends who don’t have footage in the HHV, is a picture of Reeves.

Keep your peepers peeled for the video. I also made a limited edition zine of HH-era photos…

Previously unpublished. Image copyright Richard Hart.