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Benny Fairfax


From Benny’s first trip to the <USA> in 2003, when Stereo was being re-awoken. He and I actually grew up in the same area- the New Forest in the south of England, and he skated some of the spots I used to; just a skateboard-generation later- when I was already in SF. (First pro from the New Forest, good lad!)

This shifty appeared in Transworld where it was mis-labelled as a b/s 180. Portrait is unpublished, although I did make a sticker of it, which has circulated somewhat..

Both images copyright Richard Hart.


Matt Field/ Jack Sabback


This Field nollie and Sabback ollie, down on the dock of the Bay, were used for an I-Path ad in 2004. Or, actually, different frames from these same rolls were used, but I never got those returned to me. But you get the idea. Many skate photographers from the 80’s-early 2000’s are missing a lot of their published pictures; you would send a slide/negative to the company and sometimes never get it back. At the time it didn’t seem so important, either…

Images copyright Richard Hart.