Chris Jones and the Grey Tokyo Daze


Chris Jones, ollie into rugged bank, Tokyo 2014


This picture is featured in the new issue (at time of writing), Vol.2 Issue 8, of Grey magazine from London, in which I have an article ‘Tokyo Daze’.

I actually wasn’t even on the trip with this poppy Welshman, but our respective crews had an overlap in that eternally intriguing and puzzling city; and the first skate photo I ended up shooting was this one. Wait for the the new video from Colin Read to see this full line; it’ll be a good one..

Also featured in the article (I am told; haven’t seen it yet), are Ben Gore and Glen Fox. Not featured is the photo of them, below, with just one of the omnipresent security guards of Tokyo.



Fox/ Gore/ Security, Tokyo 2014


Images copyright Richard Hart.


Mad Circle Am Team


Rob Welsh and Pontus Alv- San Francisco, 1998.

Dear The Internet-
Here is a picture of the Mad Circle Amateur team; Alv and Welsh, circa ’98, at my house on lower Haight in SF where I lived in the closet (literally, not metaphorically) for $100 a month.
I was hanging with Rob a lot at the time, which involved me trying to (learn to) shoot pictures, and him making me his back-up filmer instead, for ‘5 Flavors’.. and I think this was Pontus’ first trip Stateside; he would come over and play Mariokart (“fuckin’ Bowser!”). Ah, youth..
Glad I am still friends with these characters, all these years later.
Cheers, gentlemen!

Previously unpublished, photo copyright Richard Hart.

BGP: Animal Chin.


Kenny Reed


Kenny Reed- bar hop; Hanoi, Vietnam, 2002

I miss this guy- has anyone seen him?

This trip was a crazy one; it was for an article in Slap which I titled ‘More Fisheyes in the SEA’ (i.e. South-East Asia; I do love a good pun). Hanoi spots were thin on the ground; this was some sort of roller-skate rink. And Ken has one of the best ollies in the business, no doubt about it.

The portrait below is one I just recently came across on a roll of snap-shots from the sweaty streets of Barcelona. That is a whole lot of style sitting on that step right there..


Kenny Reed and Javi Mendizabal, Barca 2003

Ollie previously published in Slap. Images copyright Richard Hart.


Tony Trujillo (& H)


Tony Trujillo- fastplant, Marseille, 2005.

This was a gnarly maneuver (note the standing guy’s head to the right- the extension was no joke) and I only got one chance to shoot it as no-one was meant to be up there.. I could tell he would make it this try though, so I jumped up and shot it..
These photos are from a contest article I did for French skate magazine Sugar. It occurs to me now that no-one ever read the article in English (and the nation of France really missed out when the sentence with the alliteration was lost in translation); so here, if anyone cares, it is:



Professional athlete wins trophy.


Or : ‘The art of shooting an article in one afternoon, with one roll of film’

I am sick of travelling. I mean, I like being somewhere else, but I am tired of the act of getting there. Tired of ticket queues at train stations and boarding queues at airports and headphones and inflight magazines and overpriced coffee and schedules. I hate contests, too. I never go to them any more. Three days in a stuffy hall watching contest robots do their runs ? No thanks, not any more.
But Marseille, though ; Marseille is different. For one thing, it is one of the most scenic skateparks in the world- right on a Mediterranean beach. For another, you can witness more than the usual boring skating by boring skaters on boring obstacles.
So- Marseille 2005… I couldn’t resist.
And the travelling ? Well, it’s just two more train journeys to get from London to Marseille, I told myself. Only a few hours, and think of that idyllic beach awaiting you…

Things started to go wrong when I got on the Eurostar. There were 140 school-kids on my carriage (accompanied by three inattentive teachers). They were all running about, yelling and throwing things. (Why must children have so much energy?) I tried to escape into First Class; but no sooner had I got settled into silence and Celine, than a ticket inspector booted me back into the battleground.
And then, to make matters worse, the train stopped. Why, I don’t really know, but we sat for an hour while the kids played tag and had food-fights over my head. Even my headphones couldn’t drown them. Wish somebody had.
Then, by the time we finally reached Paris, I had missed the last train to Marseille… As I said, I hate travelling now.

The following day I made it there, but needed a while to recuperate from my trials. A wander around the town and a sunset swim did their magic, and on Sunday I went to the park with a tall order: shoot a whole contest article in an afternoon.
But I was confident, because I had a cunning plan: I wouldn’t only shoot the contest. I had found Howard Cooke in the hotel and persuaded him that we should get a street photo to flesh out the article. Unfortunately, before the finals he was too hungover to skate, and afterwards he was drunk again. (While I had been shooting, he had been drinking with the crew on the hill.)
I gave up any ideas of a street photo and joined the boys and the beers with only one roll of skate photos shot. I was kind of stressed, but H wasn’t. He handed me a beer- “Fuck it, Rich- it’ll be alright. Let’s go for a swim! It’s Marseille!”. (And he was right.)



Damp H.


Photos and text copyright Richard Hart.


Hippy sighting in San Francisco


Ben Gore, SF 2014.

The shop Slam City Skates is a staple of British skateboarding and a welcoming place amidst the hectic streets of London. I was recently asked to contribute to their website’s 5000 Words feature, wherein you pick 5 photos on the premise that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. I selected 5 from the 50 rolls I shot last year…(including th’ above). Cheers lads, much love.

Image(s) copyright Richard Hart.



HARToceanbcnpt2-WEB 2new

Erik Ocean Howell, Barcelona 2003.

I never expected one of my small contributions to skateboarding would be filming a video part..! But it seems like this may have happened with the Great Lost Ocean Part..

I am glad people are stoked. I’m stoked too- Ocean just looks right on a skateboard, as only the chosen few do.

This portrait was shot right after he did his ‘ender’..

Image copyright Richard Hart; previously unpublished.


Ye Olde Photographs


Randozzi/ Wagner/ Dela Torre/ Fairfax/ Molinar, SF 2008

This is a sight you, sadly, don’t see too much these days. So, in the interests of creating a few more actual, physical photos you can put up on your wall (perhaps properly framed this time), I now have some prints for sale.

See the ‘Shoppe’ page on here and check the pictures on offer- 10 are now up, and include Pastras, Howell, Oyola, Tsocheff, Hsu, Reed, Gerwer, Gore and more..


Gore o’er Valls


Ben Gore- ollie over Leo Valls, San Francisco 2013

Good God; a new picture!

This was shot at the end of filming for the short Magenta video which became Old Woops, New Grooves. This was the last trick in the video, but we shot this version a bit later; the day before Leo left town. ‘Nuff respect to Ben, who had to ollie over a moving (and vulnerable) object, and avoid me at the same time. It was very difficult to choreograph, but this was a fun one..

Previously published in 43 magazine. Image copyright Richard Hart.